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Counting Down to the 2010 NFL Draft

The NFL draft goes primetime.

The always media savy National Football League has watched their ratings do a steady climb over the years. They now apparently feel it is time to test the primetime waters. While other pro sports, like the NBA have already tried this with mixed results, the NFL saw something that made them feel that now is the time. Maybe the 39 million of us that watched in 2009 or the 66 percent increase in viewership from 2001 to 2009? The 1st round alone logged 6.3 million on ESPN and the NFL Network alone.

The 2010 NFL draft schedule is (all times EST):

  1. 1st Round Thursday April 22nd 7:30 PM
  2. 2nd and 3rd Rounds Friday April 23rd 6:30 PM
  3. 4th - 7th Rounds Saturday April 24th 10:00 AM

Top Draft News headlines

NFL Draft News
NFL draft news from around the world and across the street.

Saints mailbag: Super-sized NFL Draft edition, Part 1
Thanks for submitting your New Orleans Saints questions to me on Twitter. I decided to pack in a whole bunch of draft-related questions this week (sin...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Would Dolphins roll the dice with Todd Gurley?
DAVIE, Fla. -- Here is a quick warning: Do not believe much of what you hear from NFL teams the week leading up to the draft. Every club is playing it...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Bengals mail Part 1: What position to draft first?
CINCINNATI -- With the NFL draft now five days away, the first part of this weekend's Cincinnati Bengals' mailbag has a decidedly draft-focused tone. ...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Eagles mailbag: Inside LBs? Mortgage?
PHILADELPHIA -- It's the last weekend before the NFL draft. Does that mean it's the last weekend before the start of the Marcus Mariota era with the P...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Mailbag: Should Chiefs draft Todd Gurley if he's available?
Here is this week's draft edition of the Kansas City Chiefs mailbag. For the non-draft edition, check back on Sunday. To ask a question for a future e...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Lions Mailbag: One last dish about the 2015 NFL draft
By this time next week, the Detroit Lions will have a much better idea of what their draft class is going to look like. But for the next week? Specula...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Vikings Twitter mailbag part 1: Beasley, Jennings, Loadholt, Peterson

Broncos draft preview: Defensive line
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- The countdown to this year's NFL draft is in the final days with the Denver Broncos poised to use 10 picks to create the 2015 draf...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

New York Jets draft preview: Secondary
This is the sixth installment of our position-by-position breakdown for the New York Jets as we head to the April 30 draft: Position: Secondary Curr...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

SEC DBs and the NFL draft
SEC Now takes a look at the history of SEC DBs and where they were selected in the NFL draft.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

'The Grantland NFL Podcast': Mock Draft Fight!
Bill Barnwell and Robert Mays engage in dueling mock drafts. Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe to the Grantland Sports podcast network on iTunes...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Reggie McKenzie on first pick: Just want to get it right
ALAMEDA, Calif. -- As a rule of thumb, Reggie McKenzie doesn't like to trade away his draft picks. But the Oakland Raiders general manager said Friday...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Broncos will take a long look at returners in this draft
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- While the Denver Broncos don't want to make draft picks based solely on need at the expense of leaving higher-graded players on th...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Olbermann: Boycott the NFL draft and Mayweather-Pacquiao fight
Keith Olbermann explains why you should boycott the NFL draft and the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

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