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Counting Down to the 2010 NFL Draft

The NFL draft goes primetime.

The always media savy National Football League has watched their ratings do a steady climb over the years. They now apparently feel it is time to test the primetime waters. While other pro sports, like the NBA have already tried this with mixed results, the NFL saw something that made them feel that now is the time. Maybe the 39 million of us that watched in 2009 or the 66 percent increase in viewership from 2001 to 2009? The 1st round alone logged 6.3 million on ESPN and the NFL Network alone.

The 2010 NFL draft schedule is (all times EST):

  1. 1st Round Thursday April 22nd 7:30 PM
  2. 2nd and 3rd Rounds Friday April 23rd 6:30 PM
  3. 4th - 7th Rounds Saturday April 24th 10:00 AM

Top Draft News headlines

NFL Draft News
NFL draft news from around the world and across the street.

"SportsNation" Discusses Winston's Changing Draft Stock
The crew weighs in on how NFL teams will respond to Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's latest incident.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Florida State Seminoles are less talented than last season's team - 2015 NFL ...
This year's Florida State team is loaded, writes Steve Muench, but isn't quite as talented as last year's team that won the national championship. He identifies the positions at which the Seminoles are strongest and most vulnerable.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Berry: Can you play fantasy football with your conscience and still win?
In the wake of Adrian Peterson's removal from the Vikings roster, Matthew Berry wonders if fantasy owners should be morally bound to do the same.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

When will Eagles' Marcus Smith play?
It's a natural question. First-round pick Marcus Smith was taken by the Philadelphia Eagles with the No. 26 overall selection in this year's NFL dr...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Texans vs. Giants preview
The Houston Texans are 2-0, just like they were at this time last season when they lost in Week 3 and didn't win again all season en route to the No. ...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Football Insider Mel Kiper
Welcome to SportsNation! On Thursday, NFL draft Insider Mel Kiper Jr. will be by to discuss the college football and NFL seasons.Kiper has served as ...
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Winston Drops On Kiper's Big Board
Mel Kiper Jr. discusses why he dropped Florida State QB Jameis Winston from third to 25th on the Big Board.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Jameis Winston plummets down Mel Kiper's newest 2015 Big Board - NFL draft
Mel Kiper offers up his updated 2015 Big Board, the ranking of the 25 best NFL prospects in college football.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

How Jameis Winston's off-field behavior could factor into his draft stock - 2...
Todd McShay examines how Jameis Winston's latest off-field incident could have an impact on how NFL teams view him when he eventually enters the draft.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

Todd Gurley, Amari Cooper rise in Top 32 prospect rankings - 2015 NFL Draft
Todd Gurley and Amari Cooper are climbing Todd McShay's draft board after strong starts to the season. Here is the latest ranking of the Top 32 prospects for the 2015 NFL draft.
[From ESPN Feed: nfl draft]

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