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Our highest recommendation for a true educational entertainment package is the Smithsonian Institute family of web sites. See the National Zoo and watch the "panda cam" or view their virtual exhibit, it is truly a sight to see. A beautifully done poetry and prose posting site. Also has Sailor Moon images and songs. Webmasters note: A number of in-house informational pop ups when you enter. Math and Reading Help for Kids is a growing directory of original articles and resources centered on the topic of children's education. The purpose of this site is to provide a centralized information portal to help parents and children make informed decisions about school related issues. Studio FluxTime Studio is a website for children, where you can create your own animation clips. It is free to use and you can send your animation clips as e-cards. (SafeSurf and ICRA rated)
Baby Bird Productions Children's Stories and Fairy Tales Fun, child-safe, animated and still picture children's stories and fairy tales for downloading. Includes free fun pages and parent information pages. Lots of big, bright, colorful illustrations.
Brain games from a faculty member at U Washington
National for Kids
Apple Computers' learning interchange A nice search engine for educators and parents
Wangarrata Elementary Visit an elementary school in Australia
Multnomah, Oregon County Library is a nice source for teachers, school administraters, parents and pto's for school spirit items fundraising ideas and more. adv
A New Way To Treat Your Child's Behavioral Problems... By Having Fun! Visit .adv Find everything Crayola here. .adv
Cool Resources
Adler Planetarium, Chicago
NASA's Web site
University of Chicago Astronomy & Astro Physics
Phonics Bremner Davis Educational Systems

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