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UK's Labour set to vote against Brexit deal, open to second referendum
27 minutes ago
Britain's opposition Labour Party is set to vote against any deal Prime Minister Theresa May clinches with the European Union and is open to a second referendum with the option of staying in the bloc, Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer said on Tuesday.
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Trump questions credibility of second Kavanaugh accuser
28 minutes ago
U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday questioned the credibility of the second woman to accuse Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, saying she admitted she was drunk at a party where the alleged behavior occurred.
[From Reuters: Top News]
White House, Republicans work to shore up Kavanaugh nomination
28 minutes ago
The White House and its Republican congressional allies on Tuesday delivered a message of unwavering support for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh after the judge went on television to fight back against allegations of sexual misconduct that have imperiled his nomination.
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Judge deems Cosby 'sexually violent predator' at sentencing hearing
30 minutes ago
Comedian Bill Cosby was declared a "sexually violent predator" under Pennsylvania law on Tuesday at the sentencing hearing for his sexual assault conviction.
[From Reuters: Top News]
Major tactical risk if U.S. troops removed from Korean peninsula: U.S. general
35 minutes ago
The Pentagon's nominee to be the next commander of U.S. forces in South Korea said on Tuesday there was a significant amount of tactical risk if U.S. troops were removed from the Korean peninsula.
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Suspending Korea exercises caused slight dip in readiness: U.S. general
35 minutes ago
The Pentagon's nominee to be the next commander of U.S. forces in South Korea said on Tuesday that a decision to suspend some joint exercises between South Korea and the United States was a "prudent risk" but had caused a "slight degradation" in military readiness.
[From Reuters: Top News]
U.S. sanctions Venezuela first lady, key Maduro allies
36 minutes ago
The United States imposed new sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's wife and key allies including the vice president and defense minister, accusing them of plundering the country's wealth and helping Maduro maintain his grip on power.
[From Reuters: Top News]
U.S. military official: no plans for Venezuela military intervention
37 minutes ago
U.S. President Donald Trump's nominee to lead U.S. military operations in Latin America said on Tuesday there is no planning under way for any kind of military option to address the economic and political crisis in Venezuela.
[From Reuters: Top News]
Exclusive: India eases oil import rules as it seeks to cut costs
43 minutes ago
India has for the first time allowed state refiners to buy 35 percent of their oil imports in tankers arranged by the seller, a document reviewed by Reuters showed, enabling them to swiftly tap cheaper cargoes.
[From Reuters: Top News]
Trump criticizes Iran as 'corrupt dictatorship' in U.N. speech
44 minutes ago
U.S. President Donald Trump blasted Iran on Tuesday as a "corrupt dictatorship" that is plundering its people to pay for aggression abroad, using his speech to the United Nations General Assembly to threaten more sanctions against Tehran.
[From Reuters: Top News]
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