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Toll of dead, missing rises in wildfire-ravaged California town
9 minutes ago
Teams of rescue workers continued to sift through burned homes and vehicles on Friday for the remains of victims in the northern California town of Paradise, as the number of those missing in the state's deadliest wildfire spiked to 630 people.
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Supply glut mars Turing effect for Nvidia shares
13 minutes ago
Worries about how fast the computing world will transition to Nvidia Corp's next generation "Turing" graphic chips helped knock 20 percent off the value of its shares on Friday, after results pointed to a huge glut of unsold older generation chips.
[From Reuters: Top News]
UK PM May battles to sell Brexit deal amid rumors of no-confidence vote
14 minutes ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May was fighting for survival on Friday after a draft divorce deal with the European Union provoked the resignations of senior ministers and calls for a vote of no confidence in her leadership.
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UK eurosceptic ministers to unite around new Brexit backstop stance: The Tele...
15 minutes ago
Senior eurosceptic ministers will meet next week to agree a united position in a bid to get Prime Minister Theresa May to change the controversial "backstop" element of her draft Brexit withdrawal agreement, the Telegraph reported.
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Threshold for calling confidence vote in UK PM May has nearly been met: euros...
36 minutes ago
Influential British eurosceptic Conservative lawmaker Steve Baker said on Friday he believed rebels who want to oust Prime Minister Theresa May were close to having enough support to trigger a confidence vote.
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Factbox: Who has submitted letters of no confidence in UK PM May?
47 minutes ago
Some lawmakers in Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative Party have said they have submitted letters of no confidence in the British leader.
[From Reuters: Top News]
UK PM May would survive a vote of confidence, deputy says
48 minutes ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May would likely win any vote of confidence in her leadership should Conservative lawmakers write enough letters to a party committee to trigger one, her deputy David Lidington said on Friday.
[From Reuters: Top News]
UK's Fox says a deal is better than no-deal Brexit
1 hour ago
A Brexit deal is better than no-deal for Britain and voters should take a rational and balanced view of Prime Minister Theresa May's draft Brexit agreement, trade minister Liam Fox said on Friday, according to the BBC.
[From Reuters: Top News]
Business has got behind draft divorce deal with EU: UK PM May's spokeswoman
1 hour ago
A Brexit divorce deal brokered by Prime Minister Theresa May has received strong support from Britain's business community, her spokeswoman said on Friday.
[From Reuters: Top News]
Top UK court says to consider government appeal in Brexit reversal case
1 hour ago
Britain's Supreme Court said on Friday it would consider whether to hear an appeal from the British government which wants to stop Europe's top court from examining a case seeking to determine whether the country can unilaterally reverse Brexit.
[From Reuters: Top News]
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