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Today's top national headlines from across the world. We thank all of the fine national and international media that allow the feeds. Without them, and their resources, there would not be the quality and breadth of news available to us all.

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Todays Top US News Stories
From around the world and across the street.

Video: Murder fugitive seen at Ocala Hotel
0 minutes ago
Nissan retraining employees after offensive emails
0 minutes ago
Severe bleeding from synthetic marijuana reported
0 minutes ago
Orlando-bound flight bears similarities to Philly
0 minutes ago
Elderly priest dies after home invasion
0 minutes ago
Local company gives veteran a new roof
0 minutes ago
Police ID man fatally shot in Sheriff's Office
0 minutes ago
Southwest flight hits bird, goes back to Nashville
0 minutes ago
Zoo Miami lioness spayed to protect genetic line
0 minutes ago
North Korea willing to accept 'complete denuclearization' without conditions,...
by Reuters
29 minutes ago
President Donald Trump warned Wednesday he would walk away from his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un if it wasn't going to be 'fruitful.'
[From NBC News U.S. News]
Syracuse suspends frat over 'extremely racist' video
by Erik Ortiz
43 minutes ago
Kent Syverud, Syracuse's chancellor, said of the video purportedly showing members of Theta Tau: "I am appalled and shaken by this."
[From NBC News U.S. News]
Trump lawyer Cohen drops lawsuit against BuzzFeed over Steele dossier
by Jason Abbruzzese
1 hour ago
Cohen has denied parts of the dossier, a 35-page document compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele
[From NBC News U.S. News]
Alabama mayor: 'Poop train' finally empty; sludge gone
1 hour ago
ATLANTA (AP) -- An Alabama mayor says the last train car full of New York City sewage sludge that has stunk up her town has finally been emptied....
[From AP Top U.S. News at 8:42 a.m. EDT]
'Flamboyant' extremist linked to 9/11 attackers reportedly captured in Syria
by F. Brinley Bruton and Carlo Angerer and Associated Press
1 hour ago
The 9/11 Commission Report branded the German an "outspoken, flamboyant Islamist" who "relished any opportunity to extol the virtues of violent jihad."
[From NBC News U.S. News]
Some male sexual assault victims feel left behind by #MeToo
by Associated Press
1 hour ago
"As a male survivor you're always an adjunct... You're never the leading subject of a conversation."
[From NBC News U.S. News]
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