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Today's top national headlines from across the world. We thank all of the fine national and international media that allow the feeds. Without them, and their resources, there would not be the quality and breadth of news available to us all.

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White House, Republicans work to shore up Kavanaugh nomination
1 hour ago
The White House and its Republican congressional allies on Tuesday delivered a message of unwavering support for President Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh after the judge went on television to fight back against allegations of sexual misconduct that have imperiled his nomination.
[From Reuters: U.S.]
Colorado wildlife refuge at old nuclear plant is open - for now
3 hours ago
Less than two miles (3 km) from where triggers for thermonuclear weapons were once manufactured and against the backdrop of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, a bull elk bugles as he defends his harem of cows from rival males.
[From Reuters: U.S.]
Trump's Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh rejects 'false accusations'
3 hours ago
U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said on Monday he would not step aside after a second woman accused him of sexual misconduct decades ago, with President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans showing no signs of relenting in their push for his Senate confirmation.
[From Reuters: U.S.]
Man who threatened Boston Globe also called NY Times, NFL: prosecutor
4 hours ago
U.S. investigators are probing whether a man accused of threatening to kill journalists at the Boston Globe after calling them "the enemy of the people" made similar threats to the New York Times and National Football League, a prosecutor said on Monday.
[From Reuters: U.S.]
U.S. judge orders federal protection restored to Yellowstone grizzlies
4 hours ago
A federal judge on Monday ordered Endangered Species Act protections restored to grizzlies in and around Yellowstone National Park, halting plans for the first licensed trophy hunts of the bears in the region in more than 40 years.
[From Reuters: U.S.]
U.S. judge suggests he may dismiss Stormy Daniels lawsuit against Trump
5 hours ago
President Donald Trump likely had a free-speech right to make a Twitter comment disputing allegations by adult film actress Stormy Daniels, a federal judge said on Monday, indicating he was inclined to dismiss her defamation lawsuit against Trump.
[From Reuters: U.S.]
6 things to know before the opening bell
28 minutes ago
These iOS 12 features may improve your life
28 minutes ago
Breast cancer diagnosis: What to know
28 minutes ago
City is sued for trashing homeless people's belongings
28 minutes ago
There's a suburban tsunami driving 2018
6 hours ago
Converging crises are compounding the risk that Republicans could suffer historic 2018 losses in suburban communities that could harden a starkly polarized alignment in American politics.
[From - RSS Channel - US]
Waterways rise in South Carolina, residents told to leave
7 hours ago
Authorities urged thousands of people to leave their homes around the city of Georgetown, South Carolina as water dumped by long-departed Hurricane Florence surged down rivers and threatened to bring devastating floods.
[From Reuters: U.S.]
Kavanaugh: I was a virgin during high school
9 hours ago
CNN's Chris Cuomo speaks to attorney Michael Avenatti about Judge Brett Kavanaugh's interview with Fox News where he claimed that he was a virgin through "high school and many years after."
[From - RSS Channel - US]
Dallas police fire officer charged with fatally shooting man in his apartment
11 hours ago
Amber Guyger, the police officer charged with manslaughter in the shooting of a man inside his Dallas apartment, has been fired from the department, according to a statement Dallas Police Chief Ulysha Renee Hall.
[From - RSS Channel - US]
Cruz swarmed by protesters at DC restaurant
12 hours ago
Activists confronted Senator Ted Cruz and his wife at a restaurant in Washington in response to the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and sexual misconduct allegations, chanting "we believe survivors."
[From - RSS Channel - US]
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